Car Wash
Pet Spaw

Our two self serve pet washes allow you to experience a convenient alternative to washing your pet compared to the messy bathroom at home or the expensive grooming center.


Each Pet Spaw is it's own self-contained room with windows to open and  heated floors to keep you and your pet warm. 

Stainless steel tub

Easy access ramp for your pet to walk up into the waist high tub. No bending over for you to wash your pet.

Non-slip rubber mats on the ramp and inside the tub for the safety of your pet

Quality shampoo, conditioner, sensitive shampoo, and flea & tick treatment are included in the price of the pet wash. You are also welcome to bring your own favorite products if you prefer.

Grooming dryer included. Drying towels are also available in our car wash vending machines. These towels can be used on your car or your pet.


Cost is $7.00 for the first 8 minutes. If additional time is needed, insert quarters or dollars to continue.